MSME 2021 Speakers







MSME Past Speakers

Speaker 10

Dr. Khamis Essa

University of Birmingham, UK

Speech Title: Advanced Processing Routes for Netshape Manufacturing


Speaker 9

Prof. Ruxu Du

South China University of Technology, China

Speech Title:Resilient Manufacturing System

Speaker 8

Prof. Weimin Huang

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Speech Title: Advanced shape memory technology to reshape product design, manufacturing and repairing/recycling: an update of recent development


Speaker 7

Prof. Zhan Wen Chen

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Speech Title: Solidification Behaviours during Powder-Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing

Speaker 6

Prof. Hamid Assadi

Brunel University London, UK

Head of Virtual Engineering Centre

Speech Title: Modelling of Materials Processes and Microstructure


Speaker 5

Prof. Stefan Dimov

University of Birmingham, UK

Speech Title:System-level Tools for Integrating Metal Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Production Lines

Speaker 4

Prof. Joseph ZARKA

MZ Intelligent Systems, France

Speech Title:Big Data: Optimal Design of Woven Composite Materials

Speaker 3

Prof. Ziad MOUMNI

ENSTA ParisTech, France

Speech Title:Fatigue Analysis of Shape Memory alloys

Speaker 2

Prof. Rachid bennacer

School Ecole Normale Superieure (Cachan), France

Speaker 1

Prof.Raj Das

RMIT University, Australia

Speech Title:Advanced Multifunctional Materials and Structures - Analysing Extreme Deformation and Dynamic Behaviour using Meshless and Multiscale Methods